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Group Dental Insurance

Employer sponsored dental coverage has grown rapidly in the past several years. Most dental coverage comes through group plans. More than a third of employees enjoy some form of dental plan. It is no surprise that dental insurance is often asked about by employees. The Alliant staff can help your company sort through the many types of managed care and traditional dental plans available. Our proposals will show the varying levels of benefits and waiting periods. The plans we offer provide the best possible services at a competitive price. Alliant offers two types of group dental plans network based and indemnity.
Network Based Plan:
  • PDO - Preferred Dental Organization, looks like and operates like its medical counterpart, the PPO.
  • DMO - Dental Maintenance Organization, typically benefits are limited or eliminated if you receive treatment outside of the network.
Indemnity Plan:

These plans "indemnify" participants for dental services received. These reimbursed amounts vary according to the type of service provided. A typical benefit structure for this type of plan would be:
Preventative Services 100%
Basic Services 80%
Major Services 50%
Major and Restorative 50%
Orthodontia Not Covered
Deductible (single/family) $50/$150
Annual Maximum $1,500