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Our professional staff recognizes that employee compensation is the single largest expense for most companies.  By some estimates, the cost of employee benefits, including health insurance, has risen to almost 25% of the employee's annual cash compensation.  We understand that finding a health plan is a large budget item.  It is also an emotional area for employees who are tired of changing networks, doctors, and hospitals.  For some company’s each year brings a whole new dictionary of coverage’s, deductibles and co-insurance. We want to help our clients through this unfortunate maze. As your advisor and advocate, Alliant’s broker-consultants will present you with a range of plans and costs. We will also take the extra step to explain your health plan to your employees and answer any questions that you or your staff might have.

Selecting health care coverage takes much research and planning. Our process begins with an assessment of your specific situation. Based on your needs and expectations, Alliant will help advise you on effective plans. We have access to over 250 insurance carriers to help locate the optimum rates, terms and the widest possible provider networks for your business. We will work with you to select a plan that offers the optimal mix of competitive rates and the widest possible coverage.

Alliant’s staff will assist in selecting a benefit package with the right incentives, one that will enhance keeping key employees.
Group Health Plans Available: