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Long Term Care
The statistics are sobering. As the population ages, the reality of needing some type of long term care looms large. Consider that 60% of Americans have had long term care. Each year, the number of Americans depleting their assets to pay for long term care tops 100,000. And for every person in a nursing home at any given time, there are three who need care in their own homes.

In consultation with a professional at Alliant, you can put in place a long term care plan that will be there when you need it.
Considerations for long term care insurance would include:
  • You want peace of mind and freedom of choice should you become unable to care for yourself
  • You would like quality long term care
  • You want your assets protected
  • You do not want to be on welfare (Medicaid)

How to select a quality long term care product:

  • Use a reputable insurance carrier. 97% of all long term care insurance policy sales come from the top 10 carriers and the top two account for about 50%. It is recommended that the company you choose have at least ten years in the business and hundreds and millions of dollars in premium in force.
  • Look for a policy that has inflation protection built in and is tax qualified. The impact of inflation and taxes are of prime importance when planning.
  • Consider where you want your care. Differences in policies could result in a reduced benefit if care is provided in your home.