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Personal Dental Insurance
Dental disease is more common than you think and the cost of treatment can be expensive - just imagine having to pay the fee for a crown or bridge, which can cost more than $1,000!

With a dental plan, the cost of regular visits for check-ups and professional cleaning becomes more affordable and can help you reduce the possibility of developing dental disease.
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Network Based Plan:
  • PDO - Preferred Dental Organization, looks like and operates like its medical counterpart, the PPO.
  • DMO - Dental Maintenance Organization, typically benefits are limited or eliminated if you receive treatment outside of the network.
Indemnity Plan:

These plans "indemnify" participants for dental services received. These reimbursed amounts vary according to the type of service provided. A typical benefit structure for this type of plan would be:
Preventative Services 100%
Basic Services 80%
Major Services 50%
Major and Restorative 50%
Orthodontia Not Covered
Deductible (single/family) $50/$150
Annual Maximum $1,500